Dr Bronner’s soap (baby unscented)

We’ve used Dr Bronner’s soap a lot already - mainly for washing clothes and dishes. I’ve used the almond-scented one before but I reckon the baby one’s better because you don’t walk around smelling like a Bakewell tart after every clothes wash.

dr bronner's baby unscented soap

Thermarest pillow

All the camping shop nerds told us the Thermarest compressible pillow was definitely the thing. It’s filled with memory foam cutoffs, which expand when you unpack the pillow. It felt a bit flimsy in the shop but the ones we bought online have been excellent so far. The Thermarest mattresses are great too.

thermarest camping pillow

MSR tent

Our beloved tent was a bit pricey but it’s been excellent. Super-light, super-easy to put up, roomy and very handsome.

handsome msr tent


We don’t get charged for data roaming in the EU any more (for now) so we’ve used our phones for loads of stuff, including:

  • navigating using Google Maps and Guru Maps
  • transferring money
  • booking campsites
  • updating our blog
  • staying in touch with people back home

We’re completely dependent on them.

tom texting on a bench in front of our tent

Tom’s Trangia stove

I’ve never seen Tom look at anyone, or anything, the way he looks at his Trangia stove.

Tom looking lovingly at his Trangia stove

Other excellent things include the:

  • Swiss Army knife
  • Compeed blister plasters
  • bite and sting cream
  • tourist information maps
  • hand sanitiser