We arrived in Germany yesterday after getting a train to Baden Baden (so good they named it twice) from Strasbourg.

To explain, the day before we got a train to Strasbourg to get us into the Alsace region and give us a place from which to enter Germany.

Here’s Strasbourg. Nice isn’t it?

Double rainbow over Strasbourg

We chose Baden Baden because we thought it would be a good starting place for walking the Black Forest.

Here’s Baden Baden. Nice isn’t it?

Baden Baden from the edge of the Black Forest

For what feels like the second phase of our trip, we’re starting by following the Ortenauer wine route to get some experience of walking in the Black Forest and to get further south.

We’re still getting used to Germany and all the things that go with starting in a new country. So far so good though. The food, the trails and the views have all been great.

Wooden map for walks near Baden Baden

Pond on walk from Baden Baden

Stone sign for walks near Baden Baden

Between the vines on the Ortenauer wine route

Tom taking a photo amongst the vineyards

Valley of vineyards on Ortenauer wine route

Tom on a walk through the vineyards

House above the vineyards on Ortenauer wine route

Path between vineyards on the Ortenauer wine route with the Black Forest in the background