When you’re walking everywhere, distances matter. And when you see signs telling you how far it is to your destination, you believe them.

lying signs with lots of distances to lots of places

Well, not any more we don’t. Not after yesterday’s 18-kilometre hike which was supposed to be 12.5 kilometres.

And not after we dutifully followed a series of signs to Oberkirch which stretched our gullibility to breaking point.

We’d see one sign which told us we had 4 kilometres to go, then at least 2 kilometres later, we’d see one saying that we had 5 kilometres to go after all. Cue some colourful language describing what we were going to do with the next duplicitous sign we saw.

Lying signs (sung to the tune of Lyin’ Eyes) aside, walking in the Black Forest has been a delight. A bit wiggly and up and down, but the views, paths and people have all been super. Apart from this guy. He was a dick.

creepy, Grimm fairy tales puppet in a tiny Black Forest window