Based on our limited experience so far, here are some sweeping generalisations about things Germany is very good at.


It may not be romantic but the hotel bedding has been a revelation. This is the future.

chaste beds with separate duvet covers

Loo roll

All the loo roll is excellent - even in public toilets (also excellent). Not too thick. Not too thin. Just right. Life-affirmingly good.

comfy loo roll

Swimming pools

There are loads of outdoor schwimmbads in the Black Forest and they’re very good (despite the name - haha). They’re big, usually surrounded by lots of comfy grass to lie on and have mini-restaurants and even table tennis tables in case you get bored.

swimming pool, grass, and Black Forest hills in the background


Even though we’ve tried to avoid it, we’ve had to walk alongside roads a few times on our trip so far. Luckily, in Germany there always seems to be a pedestrian path that’s:

  • clearly marked
  • wide
  • well-maintained

long path in the middle of Black Forest hills

Stopping for a chat

In France and Belgium, we got lots of “bonjours” and “bonne routes”, but in Germany we’ve had much more than the occasional “hallo” and “viel spaß”. People have stopped to talk about everything from the weather to “scheiße Brexit”.

viel spaß German text book with 2 stereotypical Germans on the front cover