We’d been aiming for Freiburg from the start of our adventures in the Black Forest so we’d piled a whole load of expectations on it before we got there. Luckily, it was brilliant.

Freiburg’s a student town and you can see it everywhere you go. There’s a very relaxed vibe, everyone cycles everywhere, and by early evening, people start gathering by the river to drink and chat.

people gathering near the riverbank at sunset

It’s also very pretty. There are lots of colourful buildings and old towers and churches to look at.

colourful buildings and bikes near the river

old tower in freiburg old town

church and tree in the outskirts of freiburg

We loved our time in Freiburg.

We paddled in the river like locals.

tom crouched in the middle of the river

We saw kids making the most of the streams that run through the centre of town.

kids playing with boats in a small stream by the side of the road

Tom drank the local beer.

hausbrauerei feierling beer and beer mat

freiburg brew pub

We admired the elaborate manhole covers.

manhole cover with a castle and two trumpeters

We ate delicious pastry.

roz eating a big apple pastry thing

Tom momentarily looked like he was taking himself very seriously while attempting to adjust his specs.

tom straddling a stream in the road and looking very serious

And we were extremely flattered to see they’d prepared for our arrival by painting pictures of us all over town.

white painted sign on the road showing a woman holding the hand of a child or someone smaller

What a great place!