Badenweiler, a little town and health resort, is famous for its Cassiopeia thermal baths. There’s been a spa in Badenweiler since the Romans built one in 150AD and you can see its remains in a specially made building next to the baths.

The baths were very nice thanks but that’s not what this is about. This is about Badenweiler’s amazing park of interactive sculptures.

You’ve got mirror frames you can stand in.

Tom in mirror frame

And slightly behind.

Roz with her face reflected down the middle

Wobbly roundabout platforms.

Wobbly roundabout platform

TVs framing the sunset.

TV framing the sunset

But best of all there are funnels, each of which you can use to talk to each other. Speak into any of the three funnels and you can be heard on the other two.

It’s like there’s a network of pipes under the park, carrying your voice.

As you can see here, I’m not convinced.