We’re a few more days into the Camino now and we’ve just finished stage 4.

Here are a few things we’ve seen along the way.

Misty mornings

We start walking early so we dont spend too much time walking in the hot sun. That means we get to see sights like this:

A pilgrim walking down a country road through the mist early in the morning

The River Arga

Some of the towns we’ve passed through are on the River Arga. Here it is running through the town of Zubiri.

The river Arga passing alongside the town of Zubiri


Almost every town has a church and they’re often very beautiful. Here are a couple of good ones.

The spire of a church in the town of Burguete

A church in Muruzabal


You see a lot of handball courts in this part of Spain. We were lucky enough to catch some kids being taught a few tricks.

Kids playing handball with an local man

Sculpture of Camino pilgrims

An artist called Vincente Gabete did this sculpture of Camino pilgrims. It’s on the top of a hill just west of Pamplona. It sits in the middle of a line of wind farms.

Sculpture of Camino pilgrims

We couldn’t resist ruining it for everyone else.

Roz and Tom pretending to be on of the pilgrims in the sculpture