Super-early starts

We’ve been on some long, hot walks with lots of people competing for the same accommodation over the last few days so we’ve been getting up even earlier than normal. See?

Leaving Najera early in the morning before sunrise

Pilgrims on the path to Ages before sunrise. The only light is from their head torches

On the bright side…


We’ve continued to see some delightful sights.

Vineyards in Rioja

Tom in vineyards in Rioja

Country fields on the way to Najera

Ancient stone house outside Najera

Church in Tosantos at sunrise

Santo Domingo cathedral

Church in Najera with a separate platform supporting a birds nest

Fields near Santo Domingo forming stripey patterns

Ancient menhir stones near Atapuerco

Creative signposting

People have gone to all kinds of lengths to point us in the right direction.

An arrow, made of stones on the way to Burgos

Sweet relief

We’ve been to lots of places with rivers. Almost every time we see one, we go for a soothing paddle.

Food tips

We also had the good sense to befriend Leisa and Steve, an excellent couple from Delaware who we met early on in the Camino. They’re a few stages ahead of us now and they’ve been emailing us restaurant tips in all the places we’re going to next.

Tom gazing in delight at pintxos in Burgos

Lovely them. Clever us.