Before we started the Camino, we always packed some food before each walk so we wouldn’t starve. The emphasis was always on weight rather than nutrition. That meant we ate a lot of trail mix, dried bananas, Pringles and Mentos.

Since we’ve started the Camino, lunch is easier because there’s normally at least one cafe on the way. More smug-inducingly, there are often snacks we can grab off nearby bushes and trees too.

Among other things, we’ve seen:

Massive mushrooms

Tom with a massive mushroom found by the roadside


Wild blackberries

Grapes (but we didn’t pick them)



Tom cracking open wild almonds

Mint (from this excellent man’s garden)

Roz with the lovely guy who gave all the pilgrims mint from his garden

Sunflower seeds

A field of sunflowers

You could probably make a fucked-up salad with all that. We haven’t bothered, though.