It’s really hard to get lost on the Camino de Santiago. There are lots of arrows and signs to point you in the right direction. Here are some of our favourites so far.

brass triangle with camino shell in saint jean

blue and yellow camino sign on brick wall

white and black shell floor tile with roz's boots

camino pillar with a boot and shrub on it

raised brass shell on the ground with boots and poles

An arrow, made of stones on the way to Burgos

red brick shell on the ground with feet and poles

bronze camino shell on the ground with feet and poles

camino sign in stone floor with feet and poles

yellow arrow sign with silhouette of smoking pilgrim

yellow painted shell on tarmac

wooden pole showing the distance to santiago

camino pillar and shrub

roz between four camino pillars

cartoon mural saying buen camino pilgrim

camino sign and tall pile of stones

Buen Camino written in stones