At the start of today, we had 5 days left until we got to Santiago.

More people

As we set off this morning, we saw a lot more people walking than we were used to. We saw them arriving by the bus load.

After a month of seeing fewer people, it felt a bit more hectic than normal.

Mist or cloud

The walk itself was great, though. We spent the morning climbing a hill. And when we got to the top we saw this:

A field half in the sunshine and half covered in mist

We couldn’t decide if it was cloud or mist. But whatever it was, it was beautiful to walk through.

Tom walking through a misty field

Breaking the 100-kilometre mark

Just after midday, we came within 100 kilometres of Santiago.

We were about 99 kilometres away when we realised where we were because all the signs seemed to have had their distance stolen.

This sign did tell us the distance to Santiago but it also told us to change how we look so we had mixed feelings about it:

The first Camino distance marker we saw with less than 100 kilometres to go

Portomarin bridge

Roz had already read about the bridge into Portomarin when she was scoping out how vertiginous the Camino was going to be. She said that, like most things, it was much worse in prospect than in reality. And it gave us some great views so it wasn’t all bad.

The bridge to Portomarin

4 days to Santiago…