We got to Santiago today. The Camino officially ends in front of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.

Here we are at the end.

Roz and Tom outside the Santiago de Compostela cathedral

We’ve walked a long way

There are a few different Camino routes, all with different lengths. We did the ‘Way of Saint James’ from the French town of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, which our certificate says was 799 kilometres.

We’d already walked about 660 kilometres in France, Belgium and Germany so our current total is now about 1,460 kilometres.


At the start of the Camino, you need to get a document called a ‘pilgrim passport’. It’s stamped along the route to prove you’ve actually walked the full distance.

A pilgrim passport, showing some of the stamps inside

When you finish, you present it at the pilgrims’ office and, if they believe you, they give you a certificate to prove you completed the walk.

Here are our certificates.

Roz's certificate of distance covered

Tom's compostela certificate


In other news, Tom bought a bag of walnuts in a village a week ago (a bargain at 1 euro).

On the walk in today, we finally found the time and the tools to crack some open.

It turns out Roz is weirdly good at it. And she wasn’t at all smug about it either.  Nope. Not at all.