We went to Valencia to have another small holiday from our holiday. It turned out to be an excellent choice. Valencia is pretty mega.

Rerouted river

In 1957, the River Turia flooded the city and killed over 80 people. After the disaster, the government rerouted the river and replaced it with gardens, walking and cycling paths, and fountains.

Sign for running path in Turia Gardens

Bridge and trees in Turia Gardens

Rainbow coloured bench in Valencia

City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences was also built on the old riverbed. It’s a bonkers thing to walk around. It’s like living in the future.

Opera Valencia from behind showing the side covering and the surrounding gardens

Opera Valencia showing the viewing gallery and the pool in front

Opera Valencia and hemisferic IMAX buildings with boating pool

Spikey side of the Valencia science museum with a metal sculpture in the pool in front of a lady with a big hat

White spikes of the Valencia science museum roof from below with blue sky behind

Street art

We also stumbled across a lot of street art while we were wandering around the city.

Mural of manga girl on bike cycling through trees with tiny houses tied to them

Wall of graffiti alongside the top of a tower block below a blue sky

Mural of a crowd of pink rabbits all hugging each other

Geometric mural still being painted with the artist at work

Graffiti alongside a tree and a chair

Sculpture of girl made in plaster, splashed with paint sitting on a wire chair on a wooden pallet

Photo poster of an older woman smoking a cigarette with what look like robotic hair curlers on her head

Mural of a kiosk newsagent selling sweets to a little girl

More top tiles

We saw some good tiles again.

Balconies in the centre of Valencia with tiled bottoms

Yellow and blue tiled terrace building in Valencia by the beach

And lots more

And if all that wasn’t enough, Valencia’s got a lovely beach and excellent traffic lights.

Traffic light on green with the symbol to walk being a woman