We spent the first few days of the Via Francigena walking from Lucca to San Gimignano and it was great.

Our first day walking to Altopascio was super-sunny.

Church tower in Capannori

Field of some green crops outside Capannori

And we arrived just in time to see the aftermath of Halloween.

Town square in Altopascio littered with the remains of pumpkins

The next couple of days were less sunny but we still got to see some good churches and some excellent autumn colours.

Tom on a rainy path to Castelfiorentino

Typical Tuscan treeline of narrow pines near Castelfiorentino

Church in Fucecchio

San Miniato in the sunshine from across the valley

Treeline of narrow pines leading to a villa near Castelfiorentino

River outside Gambassi Terme

Yellow-leafed vineyard outside Gambassi Terme

We also got to sign the carefully-stored ‘Book of Francigena’.

Tin containing the book of Francigena with its top covered by a red saucepan

Tin containing the book of Francigena

When we arrived in San Gimignano, we found out there were going to be thunderstorms the next day so we decided to wait them out. There are definitely worse places to be stuck:

Sloped street in San Gimignano

The towers of Piazza Della Erb in San Gimignano