As of today, we’ve walked about 2,000 kilometres. To celebrate, we thought we’d try and summarise our trip in numbers. (That’s a bit of a crap celebration so we’ll probably drink some wine later too.)

99 walks

Altogether, we’ve been on 99 ‘proper walks’ - that means walking from one night’s accommodation to the next.

32 kilometres in a day

We think the furthest we’ve walked in a day is 32 kilometres. We’ve only been over 30 a few times. Anything more than 25 tends to be a pain in the arse. But our hardest walk was 17 so you never know. It’s all about having:

  • regular rest stops (preferably with loos)
  • easy access to snacks
  • interesting stuff to look at
  • not terrible weather

20 kilometres a day

Overall, we average about 20 kilometres a day. We started slowly because we were carrying more stuff, like our tent. With lighter bags, we average about 24 kilometres a day. Well done us.

7 countries

We’ve been to 7 countries:

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Italy

5 broken things

We’ve broken 5 things:

  • Tom’s tooth
  • Roz’s toenail (ewww)
  • Tom’s boots
  • Roz’s rucksack
  • all of our sporks

4 sore feet

We’ve been having the best time but our feet haven’t. This is how they’re celebrating their 2,000th kilometre walked:

Our feet, propped up against a hotel wall