After doing a lot of walking from a to b, we’re trying something a bit different now. We’re doing circular walks on some of the Greek islands.

Our first island was Andros, which is a few hours south-east of Athens.

Good paths

Andros has a network of beautiful walking paths that are well-kept and have good markers.

Red and white arrow marking route 8 on Andros

Tom checking signs to two different walking routes on Andros

They’re a bit like the coastal paths in Cornwall. There’s lots of climbing and descending with lovely beaches and stunning views.

View over the valley downhill from the town of Apika on Andros

View to the beach for Steines on Andros

Pretty buildings

We stayed in a town called Chora on the east of the island. There are lots of lovely little pathways that wind in between the beautiful houses.

Pathway in Chora going past the stairways to the blue doors of two houses painted in white

Pathway in Chora winding past a yellow and orange house with a cat in shot

Path leading to a church in Chora with a ginger cat in shot


The local beach was covered in perfect stones for skimming:

A selection of very flat stones on the beach near Chora

Tom was very pleased with his throwing skills:


We even managed to swim. The water was a bit cold but it was super clean and clear. Here’s Tom trying it out for the first time.

Tom with screwed-up face reacting to standing in the sea at Andros