When we were in Andros, we saw some instructions for doing a ‘Williamson Turn’.

They explain what to do if you’re driving a boat and someone falls overboard.

Instructions for the Williamson Turn say: Depending on which side the man falls overboard put the rudder hard over to that side to swing the stern away from the man. Hold the rudder hard over until the ship is swinging then steady up on a course about 60 degrees from the original course. When vessel is steady on the new course, put the rudder hard over to the other side until vessel can be steadied on a reverse course - 180 degrees from original course. Original speed should be maintained until the vessel is steady on the reverse course. At that time stop the engines. The vessel should come to a stop at the approximate position where the man fell overboard

Neither of us sail, fish or do any other boat-based activities so we’d never heard of a Williamson Turn before. It seems like pretty sensible advice to us anyway.