We’ve seen lots of excellent patterns and shapes since we’ve been in Greece. We think it might have something to do with the fact that Greece has always been so big into Geometry. It even had its own Geometric period between 1100 and 800 BC.

Whatever the origins, curves and corners are definitely the thing.

Window with blue arch frame surrounding an opaque pane inset with transparent circles

Triangular window frame surrounding opaque shutters each inset with circular holes

The entrance to a blue and yellow church from below showing a blue arch and ceiling above yellow walls

White church tower made of 4 corner pillars supporting a blue dome with a white cross on the top against a blue sky

Maze on a pathway made from tiling

Geometric patterned floor outside church in Tinos

Light blue metal plate with embossed pattern of square spirals rusted brown

Black and white mosaic floor with pattern of circles inside squares made up of many smaller square tiles

White railings ending in circular shape fanned out against blue sky

White church made of smoothed cubic shapes and domes with blue edging and blue dome

Maze-like white houses in Santorini divided by pathways and roofed by domes